"With the support of Apex Heritage's family culture, morals, and leadership we have been able to achieve some of the highest pillars otherwise unimaginable. "

Todd Sale 

President, Weldfit

Competency & Leadership

We bring vision, broad expertise and capital to our businesses. Our experienced staff includes; operational know-how, deal makers, finance managers and more.

Proven Players

Astute at recognizing and developing business potential, we create value for early growth stage companies


We live by family principles of honesty, fair play, and respect for our partners and employees. We are committed to giving back in our local communities and putting safety and ethical responsibility at the forefront

Work Ethic

Willing to roll up our sleeves and put in hard yards to achieve success and growth

​​About APEX

"We don't just believe in philanthropy, it's how we built our company. "

Steven Madden


Apex Heritage is a family office fund that invests in small-to-mid-sized companies located in the Southern US region. We focus on identifying and growing entrepreneurial industrial manufacturing and services companies. We work in a tenacious and disciplined way to guide the growth of these companies to achieve a defined vision and maximize value for both our investors and partners.


What We Stand For​​


Committed to People

We believe that philanthropy is an integral part of our corporate responsibility and strategy. We are committed to making a difference and improving the quality of life in the communities in which we work and live. We strengthen our ties to the community and enrich lives through; volunteer participation and nonprofit board leadership, as well as support in operations, fundraising, event management and marketing campaigns.


Focus is on Diversity of Value

We focus on identifying and growing entrepreneurial industrial manufacturing and services companies.

Our investment strategy centers on acquiring and building diversified businesses across a range of industries.

    >   Oilfield services and manufacturing
    >   Real estate 
    >   Industrial products and services
    >   Construction materials transportation   

Apex is able to achieve robust returns while still maintaining prudent levels of risk.

APex heritage group


We treat others in the way we want to be treated!


We are in business to take care of our customers


We are motivated by the challenge of getting better every day personally & professionally!


We generate cash flow that supports our independence and growth


We support the communities where we live and work internally & externally


Use your intuition and past experience to make the right decision. Safety First!