Steven Madden has assembled a portfolio of companies, real estate, and investments over the past 30 years. As Chairman and CEO of Dan-Loc Group, WeldFit Energy Group, Ashburn Chemical Technologies, Apex Heritage Properties, Apex Heritage Capital Investments, Apex Heritage Group, and founding partner of Asphalt Transportation, Inc., he and his management teams have globally built, acquired, merged and sold businesses, real estate holdings, and investments in and around the industrial, automotive, aerospace and energy industries. Mr. Madden’s competencies include manufacturing, engineering, distribution, service companies, and topgrading management teams. Recently, he has been involved in international trade and created strategic partnerships in the United Kingdom, the Peoples Republic of China, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. 

Mr. Madden is passionate about helping transform organizations from good to great, whether they are for-profit or nonprofit. You will frequently hear Mr. Madden say, “We are in business to take care of our customers! We will remain a customer focused company by centering our culture, decisions, and innovation on their needs.”

Mr. Madden graduated from Vanderbilt University (BS ’91) and also attended the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

For decades, Mr. Madden has also served on a variety of nonprofit boards fulfilling such roles as Chairman, President, Long Range Planning Chair, and Educational Chair for organizations including international commerce and industry associations, recreational clubs, youth sports associations, continuing educational groups, churches, and Vanderbilt University. Mr. Madden’s continuing education includes personal and business executive coaching since 1991, Vistage for 17 years (resigned in 2017) and the Gulf States Young Presidents Organization, where he was a founding member in 2008 and continues his involvement as a YPO Gold member. Mr. Madden also belongs and actively participates in CEO Form, Tiger 21 and other CEO continuing education groups.

Mr. and Mrs. Madden reside in Houston and have four children: the eldest graduated from Vanderbilt (’18), the second graduated with his master’s from the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University (’20), the third graduated from Vanderbilt (’22), and the youngest will graduate from Texas A&M University (’24).

Mr. Madden has a strong belief in continuing education, giving back to the community, mentoring, pursuit for the ‘greater good’, personal development, and staying grounded guided by his faith.

"It's all about people and culture. Treat others like you want to be treated and be kind".

Steven H Madden


“It’s all about people and culture. Treat others like you want to be treated and be kind”